Announcing & Voiceover

Buzz knows how to hit the sound & personality of our station in every voice over. -Will Nimmow
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Brewers Charities Voiceover
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Costco Voiceover
Buzz Kemper reviews
I use Buzz because he possesses the range, talent, and experience to make our presentations fun, exciting, and engaging. -Bruce Stein
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Medical Instructional

Narration & Voice Acting

Working with Buzz offers the best of two worlds; quick minded efficiency and creative artistry. -Jean M. Laurenz
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Film Narration
International Music Video Underground
Buzz was narrator for the Jean Laurenz film Descended, which won Best Short Film in the International Music Video Underground Film Festival.
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Audiobook Narration
StoryBuzz Podcast - A Fable by Mark Twain
Buzz Kemper's voice work is like a ray of sunshine in an otherwise cold and desolate universe. -Scott Dikkers, Editor, The Onion
I contacted Buzz when I was directing Down the Road at Two Crows Theater and needed some voice over cues.
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Goblin King

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