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Buzz Kemper

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International Music Video Awards / 2021*
​Award Winner — Best Musical Film, February edition

Music Video Underground,
​International Music Video Competition / 2021*
​Award Winner — Best Short Film, February edition

​Toronto Film Channel Awards / 2021*
​Award Winner — Best Art Film, monthly​
Award Winner —  Best Directing of the Month

​​Toronto International Women Film Festival / 2021*
​​Award Winner — Best Female Composer, February edition ​

International Short Film Awards / 2021*
​​Award Winner — Best Experimental Music Video​

Munich Music Video Awards / 2021*
Nomination — Official Selection

​Wisconsin Film Festival / 2021*
​Official Selection

Hollywood International Golden Age Festival / 2021*
Official Selection

* For the Jean Laurenze film DESCENDED — Narrated by Buzz Kemper.

Behind the Voice...

When in need of a recharge, I like to venture far away from studio, trading in mics and cables for chalk and rope. I truly feel my best and most inspired connecting with the combined wonder of good friends and nature.

An avid rock climber, I thrive on the joy, friendship and trust-building that comes with challenging myself and my climbing partners to get to the top! The lessons learned in climbing translate into all that I do. It’s all about finding the best solution to a problem, and committing to the goal.

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